99Ideas offers products which can be customized as per request and need basis. The products include:

99cms-icon_0CMS Templates

The CMS Templates can be purchased from the many templates provided by 99Ideas. CMS Templates are many, but choosing the right template depends totally on the type of business and the target audience. For a creative oriented business, the template will be artistic, vibrant and multicolored. For a corporate business, the template will be extremely structured and informative. The designs available at 99Ideas are suitable for a wide range of purposes such as Educational, Business, Corporate, Software etc. You can visit our website for a complete set of available templates.


The classroom facilities at 99Ideas can be availed at a rental basis. The classroom on a rental basis can be used for group seminars, lectures, personal tuitions, guest lectures and other educational purposes. To book a classroom, you need to select the date, and the number of class participants. The booking dates are subject to availability. Therefore booking needs to be done in advance. Booking can be done via phone or through the website.