Online Admission

Online Admission

We are the lead company to provide entire admission process for institutes, universities etc

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99IDEAS INFOTECH SERVICES  LLP also develops and deploys entire admission framework which consists of one or several features such as:

Online Application - Online application is the first step in the process of the online admission framework wherein candidates are required to create an online account and fill related information as per the requirements. Filling of the application form by the candidates is the first step. The information provided in the application forms are used further in the process of admission.

Merit Generation- Merit generation is the list of students according to the rankings which are used by various institutions in the admission process. There are 2 sets of Merit List – Provisional and Final. The list is organized as per various categories.

Seat Distribution - Seat distribution is one of the modules under the administration framework in which one can view the display of seats amongst various institutions and also the distribution of seats within each category. In the stage of seat distribution candidates can view the seat distribution and according to their merit list, candidates can apply for their choice codes. Basically, Seat Distribution shows how many seats are distributed institute wise & how those are distributed internally among the categories for intake.

Institute Admission – Institution admission is deployed at the institution level. All admission information at the institute level must also be available to all applicable students at every step of the admission decision. The decision must also be sent formally and within appropriate deadlines.

Allotment - Allotment is one of the modules in the administration framework where candidates are allotted institutes according to the merit list numbers from various merit lists and the availability of seats in the institutions using an algorithm. The final allotted seats are available for each institution and are also available to the public for display.

The admission framework creates automated solutions for several steps in an admission process, which can entail huge amounts of manual work. The automated solutions are implemented using highly scalable database systems and in a highly secured environment. Manual processes in admission framework can lead to loss of time and create inefficiencies. The admission records are of high importance and a speedy and accurate admission framework is a product of great value. Based on some of the projects implemented in the area of admission framework, the typical steps that are involved are:

- Institute Reporting

- Online Application and Verification

- Allocation of seats

- Online allotment